Public procurement

If you are an artist

The Department of Public Art in Region Västra Götaland engages the services of professional artists to design spaces and environments. If you work as an artist and are interested in public settings, particularly within the healthcare sector, you are invited to reply to the advertisements in question.

The Department of Public Art complies with the Public Procurement Act. This means that all qualified artists within the EU can submit a notification of interest for the procurement in question. This takes place using the Västfastigheter procurement portal. The tender period is normally two months. After this period the first selection is made and all the parties that have submitted tenders will be notified of the award decision.

Procurement portal

The Västfastigheter procurement portal is known as Amesto. When you enter the portal you can choose the English version – see the relevant flag at the top in the left-hand menu. The list of current procurements is in Swedish and procurements from the Department of Public Art can be recognised by the fact that they always begin with the word konst (the Swedish word for art). The basis for tender can be found in the English version although there could be supplementary documents that have not been translated. The link to the procurement portal can be found under Läs mer (Swedish for read more) in the menu to the right.


Anna Sjons NilssonPocket full of miracles © Anna Sjons Nilsson/BUS (2015), Angereds Närsjukhus
Photo: Ola Sundberg/Soundhill Foto